Mobile Advertising Strategy

Mobile advertising is by far the most versatile and wide ranging option available to potential advertisers; with a market of close to five billion people across the globe, the advertising potential of the mobile is literally limitless. While many individuals still shun the computer and the Internet, it would prove difficult to find a person under the age of ten that does not use some type of mobile communication device in today’s electronic world. From teens texting and updating their social networking profiles to the busy professional communicating and working on the go, mobile advertising potentials have evolved at an exponential rate and promise to keep growing as technologies advance and new applications are made available.

One of the most effective mobile advertising strategies is still, surprisingly as it may be, the SMS platform. SMS is more commonly known as the familiar text message and has proven again and again just how effective simple text message advertising can be. Text chat lines for teenagers and adults, text based fundraisers, horoscopes, and celebrity gossip are just a few of the options available that receive thousands of messages each day from potential customers. Reaching these potential pools of customers often only requires a five digit text number and a keyword or a small message or website address to be effective. Mobile advertising via these types of outlets also allows for the targeting of specific demographics and more accurate delivery of the ads to relevant customers.Just as mobile technology has advanced, so has mobile advertising; modern devices are equipped to handle entire full length commercials and videos as well as the multitude of applications emerging to assist users with everything from driving directions and dining out to astronomy. Taking advantage of these applications can range from a simple search engine or data base inclusion to strategically placed commercials or video clips that often have an option for the user to click a check box clarifying if the ad was relevant to them or not. While this type of advertising may cost significantly more, the ads will be much more effective in the long run and will ultimately increase the overall return.

Regardless of the type of mobile strategy employed, targeting when and where ads are delivered can significantly increase the effectiveness of the any advertising campaign. Consulting with an established mobile advertising agency can help clients reach out to mobile service providers, chat lines, and even fundraisers that are currently accepting mobile advertisers. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the vast market available to mobile advertisers, and as the market continues to evolve even more opportunities will emerge.